Would YOU eat a 99p fry up? Cafe's cost of living crisis breakfast (2024)

Britain's cheapest cafe is serving up an all-day breakfast for less than a pound - but would YOU gobble it down?

Nadine Grant, owner of Tastee in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, has pledged to support her hard-up customers by keeping prices low - despite being unable to turn a profit.

Punters can grab a cooked breakfast of one rasher of bacon, a sausage, a fried egg, beans and tomatoes for just 99p.

The dish has previously been marked up at £3.50 before Natalie, 52, slashed the price to help hungry customers in south Yorkshire.

The cafe has sold dozens of the bargain brekkies since making the cut-price offering permanent in May - despite admitting that the deal stops her from making money.

Nadine Grant, owner of Tastee in Sheffield, South Yorkshire has introduced a 99p breakfast

Shehas pledged to support her hard-pressed customers by keeping prices low

Mother-of-five Nadine said: 'We noticed a massive difference in people's spending habits.

'There were less people coming into the cafe, and and they were spending less.

'Quite a lot of our regular customers used to come in two or three times a week - then it became once a fortnight, or they'd stop coming.

'It just became apparent to us that a lot of people were really struggling to get by, and it was a problem that was getting worse.

'No-one seems to have a disposable income any more.

'So we felt that we wanted to do something to try and help people, even if it means taking a hit ourselves.

'In an ideal world we wouldn't have to offer a 99p breakfast. But unfortunately these are the times we're in.

'Everyone's struggling and it's nice to give something back.

The cafe, in the working-class Gleadless area of the South Yorkshire city, sells a small Full English for £3.80. But the sole difference with the 99p version is that it comes with buttered toast.

The cafe is situated in the working-class Gleadless area of the South Yorkshire city

Punters can grab a cooked breakfast of one rasher of bacon, a sausage, a fried egg, beans and tomatoes for just 99p

A full English consisting of two bacon, fresh mushrooms, two sausages and a fried egg with toast, beans and tomatoes, costs a little over £5 - making Tastee potentially Britain's cheapest cafe.

Waiting for his fry-up, roofer John Ward, 52, said: 'You can't grumble with the prices, can you?

'The breakfasts are cheap and the food's really good quality.

'I'd have three 99p breakfasts if I could - but apparently it's only one per person.

'It's a really nice thing they're doing.

'It's hard for a lot of people to put food on the table and kids are going to school in the morning hungry.

'This way parents will be able to get them some hot food.'

Ordering a sausage sandwich, builder Paul, 57, added: 'I come here regularly, two times a week.

'They've always been great value for money. I don't think there's anywhere better.'

Of the 99p breakfast he added: 'It's a good thing because people are skint at the minute.

'But it's a shame there's a need for it.'

Nadineopened Tastee more than seven years ago and has refused to put prices up

She told how canisters of gas used to fuel the kitchen stoves have surged from £15 to £40 each, while cooked hams have risen from £5 to £13 per kilo

Nadine, who opened Tastee more than seven years ago, has refused to put prices up despite enduring rising energy and food costs herself.

She told how canisters of gas used to fuel the kitchen stoves have surged from £15 to £40 each, while cooked hams have risen from £5 to £13 per kilo.

Eggs last year increased to record highs, while the cost of sausages 'seemed to go up by 50p every week'.

Nadine, whose husband is a builder, said: 'We don't make any money, we keep afloat.

'We make enough to keep going and pay our staff. But as long as we're doing that, we're good with it.'

Nadine, who plans to hand out free packed lunches to local children during the school summer holidays, fears Labour will make the cost-of-living crisis worse.

She said: 'Governments do nothing for the people around here so having Labour in won't make a difference.

'If anything I think it will hit people harder in their pockets when taxes start to go up, and that will have a knock-on effect on businesses like mine.

'I've put the prices up three times in seven years but I couldn't do it again.

'It would be unfair on the customers. There's nothing left to squeeze.'

Cafe customer Lee, 54, said the change of government would not help tackle poverty and cost-of-living issues in the city.

Ordering a fry-up, the local businessman said: 'Nothing will change in Sheffield with Labour. Hardly anybody's working and it's dead in the city centre.

The council has got no money and what it does spend is never on the right things.

'If we had a proper functioning society, cafes wouldn't have to sell meals for 99p so children and pensioners didn't go hungry.

'I think it's sad that they've got to do it in the first place.'

But how does it taste?

Mail Online photographer Paul Tonge reviewed Britain's cheapest fry-up:

'I tucked into my Tastee bargain breakfast with a sense of trepidation - after all, surely you get what you pay for.

'And for 99p, I feared the worst; an unpalatable plate of chewy bacon, gristly sausage and rubbery fried egg.

'But, frankly, after an early start and a rush-hour jaunt up the M1 to Sheffield, I was starving and ready to take the plunge.

'I nestled at one of the three tables as the smell of sizzling meat in the kitchen grew stronger, whetting my appetite further.

'It wasn't long before a polka-dot plate was laid in front of me on the green, plastic tablecloth.

'And I was pleasantly surprised.

'Not only was it a bumper portion - the bacon looked thick and sausage seemed like it had not simply been plucked from the freezer and deep fried.

'But what about the taste test? Here were my thoughts:

Bacon: The bacon was standout, crispy at the edges yet retaining a delightful chewiness. It had just the right amount of saltiness, perfectly complementing the other components, and came hot off the griddle. 5/5

Sausage: The sausage was plump and juicy, and while it looked a little pale, it was subtly seasoned and surprisingly tasty. 4/5

Egg: The yolk was perfectly runny, coating the other ingredients beautifully, and the whites were not tough nor dry as I feared. 5/5

Beans: I'm a fan of beans - so the fact that my plate was swimming in them was a plus. Certainly I was getting my money's worth and they were decent quality in a tasty tomato sauce. 4/5

Tomato: The chopped tomatoes has a decent consistency - I was fearful they'd be watery or cheap and acidic, but they were decent. No complaints. 4/5

'Make no mistake, this wasn't a culinary adventure in every bite and the AA won't be knocking down the door to issue a rosette.

'But as greasy spoon fry-ups go, it was a pretty impressive attempt.

'And the price made it an absolute steal.'

Would YOU eat a 99p fry up? Cafe's cost of living crisis breakfast (2024)
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