Theatres & venues in Berlin (2024)

What’s on on Berlin’s stages?

In addition to the well-known houses with illustrious names such as the Friedrichstadt-Palast, there is also a lively off- and cabaret scene in Berlin.
Stars from all over the world perform in the large halls and arenas, or athletes engage in exciting competitions. The Wuhlheide Open Air in the Parkbühne Wuhlheide with many well-known musicians and bands has long been known beyond the borders of Berlin as a summer highlight.

All dates for your event can be found in Berlin's largest events calendar at We have put together a selection of recommendations for each day in the daily tips. And in the visitBerlin blog we have compiled selected tips for your weekend in Berlin.

© Friedrichstadt-Palast Friedrichstadt-Palast The world’s biggest theatre stage – with stunning Vegas-style productions You save 25%
© Stage Entertainment Theatre of the West Berlin’s traditional stage for musicals!
© Foto: Darek Gontarski / Gestaltung: TIPI AM KANZLERAMT Cabaret in Berlin’s government quarter
Estrel Showtheater: Stars in Concert The show must go on
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  • Transformation of Tempelhofer Feld - from airport to Berlin's largest open space
  • Korea National Opera - Korean National Symphony Orchestra
  • ATT 2024: Antrag auf größtmögliche Entfernung von Gewalt
  • ATT 2024: Blutstück
  • Cherry Glazerr
© Chamäleon Theater CHAMÄLEON Berlin Contemporary circus is flourishing in the heart of Berlin!
© ADMIRALSPALAST Admiralspalast A long tradition of the best in entertainment
© Die Bar jeder Vernunft, Foto: XAMAX (Max Schroeder) BAR JEDER VERNUNFT 1920s charm in a glittering ‘mirror’ tent

Curtain up for Berlin

Where to go in Berlin? Around 150 theatres and play stages raise the curtain every night in Berlin.

No fewer than three opera houses make Berlin a hot-spot for classical music.

Add eight major orchestras with famous conductors waving their batons. The theatres’ programmes include both well-known classics and audacious avant-garde.

The Deutsches Theater, the Schaubühne and the Berliner Ensemble continue to write theatre history to this day.

Dancing, revue shows and spectacular stage sets: the musicals put on by the Theater des Westens and the opulent shows hosted by the Friedrichstadt-Palast are nothing short of enchanting.

The Shakespeare theatre Globe Berlin can be found in the Charlottenburg district: Until the construction of the circular theatre building near the Spree is possible, a catwalk-like ring of stacked wooden components of the future Globe serves as an open-air stage.

Revue and Varieté – Entertainment without langua

Share a laugh at the expense of daily insanity at the city’s cabaret shows. Or check out the stunning acrobatics, comedy and small performances in the German capital’s many vaudeville shows and cosier stages.

  • © Foto: Thomas Grünholz Classicism meets avant garde Theatres Berlin is home to dozens of theatres, and an even wider variety of theatrical styles: discover everything from Brecht to Billy Elliot. Show details
  • © Tourismusverein Berlin Treptow-Köpenick e.V. ( Where rorty rock musicians encounter divine violinists Concerts Being a cultural hub, it's no surprise that Berlin attracts all the top acts in music, whether that's pop, rock, classical, jazz or beyond. Show details

Berlin classic-style

Berlin has its classics – and not just as classical concerts or opera!

Berlin’s very own Friedrichstadt-Palast, home to the best in Las Vegas-style entertainment, has been wowing audiences since 1984 – and long gained classic status!

  • © visitBerlin, Foto: Diana Häner Refurbishing a renowned heritage opera house Staatsoper Unter den Linden Explore 250 years of opera history! While Berlin’s Staatsoper Unter den Linden is extensively renovated, take a peek behind the scenes on a Show details
  • © Friedrichstadt-Palast The world’s biggest theatre stage – with stunning Vegas-style productions Friedrichstadt-Palast You save 25% Friedrichstadt-Palast in the heart of Berlin is famed for its must-see grand shows, glitz and glamour – and all shows are ideal for Show details

Popular tickets for our visitors

Get tickets for the event you’re keen on right here online. Plan your trip to Berlin in advance and enjoy your evenings here free of stress.

We have the tickets you’re after. You’re only three minutes away from them.

  • The show must go on Estrel Showtheater: Stars in Concert Frank Sinatra, Elvis or ABBA – the show goes on in Berlin. Let’s hear it for Stars in Concert! Show details
  • © Lothar Bladt Stunning acrobatic acts under a canopy of stars Wintergarten Varieté You save 25% The Wintergarten is home to great entertainment – music, variety, dance and shows. Discover an irresistible mix of acrobatics, sketches and Show details
  • © Foto: Thomas Grünholz Traditional boulevard theatre, currently closed. Komödie am Kurfürstendamm Please note: The Komödie am Kurfürstendamm is currently closed and will open on 12 March 2023 at the Theater am Potsdamer Platz. Show details
  • © Leo Seidel Grand emotions in Berlin’s largest opera house Deutsche Oper Berlin In the Deutsche Oper Berlin, the city’s largest opera house, you can enjoy world-renowned operas with a great view of the stage from all Show details

Theatres without German language skills

Entertainment without language barrier

Theatres & venues in Berlin (23)
Read more Friedrichstadt-Palast Friedrichstadt-Palast


Friedrichstadt-Palast in the heart of Berlin is famed for its must-see grand shows, glitz and glamour – and all shows are ideal for international guests!

Read more

Read more Estrel Showtheater: Stars in Concert

Estrel Showtheater: Stars in Concert

Frank Sinatra, Elvis or ABBA – the show goes on in Berlin. Let’s hear it for Stars in Concert!

Read more

Read more Blue Man Group Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group

Anyone expecting a peaceful night out should look elsewhere. The show offers rocking percussion, entertaining comedy, and intense bursts of colour. You even might become part of the show - be surprised and engage while the Blue Men reinvent themselves again and again.

Read more

Read more Wintergarten Varieté Wintergarten Varieté

Wintergarten Varieté

The Wintergarten is home to great entertainment – music, variety, dance and shows. Discover an irresistible mix of acrobatics, sketches and surprises!

Read more

Read more CHAMÄLEON Berlin CHAMÄLEON Berlin


Are you ready for a roller-coaster ride of emotions? The spectacular Chameleon Theater offers an irresistible mix of laughter, amazement and thrills. Here, where Nouveau Cirque is at home in Berlin, you can enjoy acrobatics, music, dance, drama and …

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Read more Sophiensaele Sophiensaele


The Sophiensaele earned an invitation to Theatertreffen 1997 with its very first production, Allee der Kosmonauten by and thus established its international reputation. Since then, they have become a mainstay of the independent …

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Read more radialsystem radialsystem


The radialsystem is a genuine magnet for inspiration and culture, where you can experience music, art and dance. Best of all is the large open-air terrace with sun deck. - Certified with Sustainable Tourism Berlin

Read more

Read more Berliner Residenz Konzerte Berliner Residenz Konzerte

Berliner Residenz Konzerte

Wearing costumes appropriate to the period, the Berlin Residence Orchestra presents the finest musical treasures of the 17th and 18th century with a Prussian flair. Listen to the same music that royalty once listened to in the magnificent surroundings of Charlottenburg Palace.

Read more

Berlin is a stage unto itself

Be there every evening when Berlin’s stages show you love, laughter and sorrow.

High-profile opera or classical music concerts, theatre plays with long traditions or entertainment shows and musicals: there’s a matching venue for any event here.

Berlin’s venues are as diverse as the events they host.

There’s always something going on in Germany’s capital, any time of the day, every day of the year – events, highlights, entertainment and culture. Berlin is 365/24.

Our tips on sports highlights and trade fairs

In Berlin, athletes and fans have the home advantage. Germany’s capital is fan city number one.

There’s hardly another city anywhere in the world that offers so much world-class sport all through the year. Go see a home match by one of Berlin’s major teams: football, handball, basketball, volleyball or ice hockey – take your pick.

Berlin is also a top-league player when it comes to trade fairs and congresses. Major trade fairs like the ITB or the International Green Week attract visitors from all over the world.

  • Theatres & venues in Berlin (31)

    : Sport venues

    Sport venues

    Fascinating arenas with spectacular atmosphere

    Doesn’t matter if soccer or cycling: Guaranteed Fun and Action in Berlins history-charged sport venues!

  • Theatres & venues in Berlin (32)

    : Fairs & conventions

    Visit some of the world’s most important conferences in Berlin

    Berlin is a premier European capital for trade fairs and congresses, with a packed calendar and venues offering outstanding facilities.

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Theatres & venues in Berlin (2024)


How many Theatres does Berlin have? ›

There are around 150 theatres and play stages that raise the curtain every night in Berlin.

Is 2 full days in Berlin enough? ›

So the short answer is no, two days in Berlin is not enough time to see everything. But if you want to visit Berlin in 2 days, you can still have an enjoyable time here. What is this? It is enough time to see many of the highlights and learn some of the city's history.

Is 3 days enough in Berlin? ›

While you certainly can't see everything in Berlin in 3 days, I think this is a good amount of time to see the highlights and get a feel for the city. I've lived in Berlin since 2015, so I know the city well.

Is 4 days in Berlin enough? ›

Berlin is wonderful, and there's more than enough to do here to fill 4 days, but sometimes a change of scenery is good. I have a full blog post about day trips from Berlin you can read through, but two of the top choices are Potsdam and Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp.

What's so special about Berlin? ›

Berlin is one of the few cities that is home to three UNESCO World Heritage Sites? In addition to the famous Museumsinsel (Museum Island) and the Prussian palaces and gardens, it also includes the modernist housing estates in Berlin. The German capital was also awarded the accolade of "UNESCO City of Design".

What is the oldest theater in Berlin? ›

Maxim Gorki Theater
Coordinates52°31′08″N 13°23′43″E
Years active1827–present
7 more rows

How much money is enough in Berlin? ›

On average, a person in Berlin will spend about €2,000 per month. The most significant expense you'll have is your accommodation, and the type of accommodation you choose will greatly impact your monthly expenses. Your salary will also be a deciding factor in how much you spend each month.

Can you do Berlin in 1 day? ›

A day in Berlin could easily be spent in one of the city's wonderful museums. But if you're looking to maximize time in the German capital, it's possible to pack loads of history, food, and sightseeing into a single day.

How much money do you need in Berlin for a day? ›

On average, you might spend around 10 to 20 EUR for breakfast, 10 to 30 EUR for lunch, and 20 to 40 EUR for dinner. For three days, budget around 120 to 240 EUR for food. Transportation: A Berlin Welcome Card for public transportation, valid for 72 hours, costs around 35 EUR.

Is Berlin expensive to eat and drink? ›

The cost of dining out in Berlin varies depending on the type of restaurant you choose. On average, a meal at an inexpensive restaurant or a fast-food joint will cost around 7-10 EUR per person. For a mid-range restaurant, expect prices to range from 15-25 EUR per person.

Is Berlin a walkable city? ›

In conclusion, Berlin is indeed a highly walkable city, offering a fantastic opportunity to explore its diverse neighborhoods, cultural landmarks, and hidden gems.

What food to try in Berlin? ›

10 Best Local Dishes from Berlin
  • Currywurst. Enjoy a fast-food staple. ...
  • Königsberger Klopse. Try German meatballs. ...
  • See also. 10 Best Places to Go Shopping in Berlin. ...
  • Wiener Schnitzel. Taste an Austrian specialty. ...
  • Eisbein. Get a piece of ham hock. ...
  • Döner Kebab. Try out a German/Turkish hybrid dish. ...
  • Kartoffelpuffer. ...
  • Senfeier.

What are the best months to visit Berlin? ›

May to September is the best time to visit Berlin. This is when you have the greatest chance to enjoy good weather, sunshine, and moderate temperatures. The days are long, the evenings calm and warm – ideal conditions for exploring the city. Temperatures during summer get up to 30 degrees.

How many days is best for Berlin? ›

To make the most of your visit, it is recommended to spend at least 3-4 days in the city. This will allow you to explore the iconic attractions such as the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Wall, and Museum Island, as well as delve deeper into the city's diverse neighborhoods.

Is 7 days too long in Berlin? ›

Having 7 days to visit Berlin can be considered a real luxury. It is possible that many people think that it is too much time, but if you want to see the German capital at your leisure and take advantage of some excursions, it is a perfect stay.

Which city has the most theatres? ›

Paris has the most cinemas (302) and cinema screens (1,003) in the world, while London has 108 cinemas and 566 screens. New York comes out top in terms of number of theatres. It has 420, compared to 353 in Paris, 230 in Tokyo, 214 in London and 184 in Istanbul.

How many movie Theatres are there in Germany? ›

In total, there are 1,723 movie theatres with 4,931 screening rooms in Germany. In 2021, those cinemas sold 42 million movie tickets – equivalent to around 0.5 annual movie visits per German citizen. The average ticket price was around Euro 8.87.

How many opera houses does Berlin have? ›

Berlin opera lovers have a choice of three renowned opera houses. The largest of these, the Deutsche Oper in Charlottenburg, can hold up to 1,850 people in its audiences.

Which country has the most theatres in the world? ›

China - 65,500 cinema screens. USA - 35,280 cinema screens. India - 11,962 cinema screens. UK - 3,402 cinema screens.

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